The Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience is made possible through the generous support of our growing community of Founders and donors. For more information about how you can contribute to the 2020 opening of the MSJE in New Orleans, click here.


Ner Tamid (The Eternal Light) $100,000 and above


Morris & Cathy Bart

Joseph Canizaro

Jeffery Feil

The Dora Ferber Foundation of Houma

Joanne B. Fried

Jewish Endowment Foundation of Louisiana

Carolyn & Jay Kaplan

Morris & Stacey Lewis, Richard Lewis Charitable Remainder Trust, Morris III (z”l) & Harriet Lewis, Charles Lewis, Andrew, Alisa, Ansel & Analisa Lewis, Adam Lewis, Josh & Elaine Lewis, Ben & Cory Lewis

The Lupin Foundation

Sally & Tony Mann

The Ben May Charitable Trust

Julia Lewis Miller, Jerry Miller, Scott, Julie, Madelyn, Landon, and Jillian Miller, Geoffrey, Kathryn, Olivia, and Blake Miller

Jean Strauss Mintz

Morris & Melinda Mintz

Karen & Leopold Sher

Harold Wainer

M.B. & Edna Zale Foundation

Charles Zucker Supporting Foundation of the Jewish Endowment Foundation

The long history of the Jews of the American South has been described as a story of prejudice and privilege. I would add that it is one inextricably tied to our Jewishness and its impact on our relationships with our neighbors–black and white, rich and poor. I hope that the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience will do justice to this complex and grand story, warts and all.
–Morris Lewis, Lexington, MS
With deep family roots in the South, our Directors are pleased to be a part of the capital campaign for the new Museum in New Orleans.  The stories of our families and their impact on our communities will bring further understanding and appreciation for Jewish heritage and culture to our country. 
–Lenny Krasnow, President, M.B. and Edna Zale Foundation, Dallas

Yad b’Yad (Hand in Hand) $50,000-$99,000

Steve & Debbie Cavalier
Albert Fraenkel, Francis Fraenkel, Jeffrey Fraenkel
Keith & Evie Katz
Milton H. Latter Educational & Charitable Foundation
Richard & Susan Lipsey, Mark & Laurie Aronson, Wendy Lipsey
Russell & Suzanne Palmer
Jay & Bz Tanenbaum

We are supporting MSJE to honor our parents, who helped make our lives complete, and, in addition, to show the world a little bit of our own Southern Jewish experience.
–Keith Katz, New Orleans

L’Chaim (To Life) $18,000-$49,000

The Azby Fund
Bissinger-Timm Family
Charles Cahn
The Cahn Family Foundation
Scott & Marjorie Cowen
David & Susan Daube
Juan & Ana Gershanik
Charles & Cathy Glaser
Louis A. & Lillian L. Glazer Foundation
Bill & Susan Hess
Marcus (z”l) & Rachelle Hirsch, Howard & Marcia Hirsch, Jeff & Sherre Hirsch
Harvey (z”l) & Paula Hoffman
David & Jill Israel
David Kerstein
Herman Kohlmeyer
Diana & Chip Mann
Leon & Debbie Pesses
Pfizer, Inc.
Mark & Linda Posner
Robert Roubey & Lisa Brachman
Mike & Aimee Siegel
Robert & Pamela Steeg
Hans & Donna Sternberg
Carol Stone, Harvey Stone, Richard Stone, Sophia Stone
Rick & Ann Streiffer

The Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience is the finest reply to the often-heard comment, “I didn’t know there were Jews in the South!”
—Deborah Lamensdorf Jacobs, Cary, MS and Atlanta, GA

Museum Supporters

Larry & Joyce Anenberg
Ian Arnof, Lindy Arnof Kearns, Paige Arnof-Fenn
Mark & Ellen Balkin
Gerald (z”l) & Joan Berenson (z”l)
Darryl and Louellen Berger
Sydney & Walda Besthoff, Jane Besthoff Steiner, Valerie Besthoff
Les & Susan Walker Burson
Anthony Cantor
David Cohen
Andy & Katie Cutler
Richard Dobkin
Jody Lubritz Dorsey
Jerry & Beverly Edelstein
Ilene Engel
Margaret Epstein
Arnold Feinstein
Vicki Reikes Fox
J. Kent Friedman
Marshall & Charlett Frumin
Kurt & Alice Gitter
Cindee Gold
Larry Golinsky
William Golinsky
Lou & Susan Good
Milton Grishman
Marc Grossberg
Robert Hertzberg
Kenneth Hoffman & Monica Edelstein
Roxanne Travelute & Michael Honan
Beverly Kahn
Barbara Kaplinsky
Brian & Lisa Katz
Paul & Leah Katz
Maury Kohn
Harry & Betty Lazarus
Alan & Brenda Lewis
George Lurcy Charitable & Educational Trust
Dale & Laurie Maas
Julie Grant Meyer
Jeff Mishkin
Elizabeth Morgan
Daniel & Susan Raskin
Tom Reiman
The Rittenberg Family Foundation
Regina Rogers
Kara Rothberg
Mandy Selber
Mark Silberman
William & Jane Sizeler
Edward & Karen Soll
The Josef Sternberg Memorial Fund
Rachel Schulman
Steve Strauss
Lois Sutton
Al & Donna Tanenbaum
Wendy Price Todd
Usdin-Weil Foundation
Craig & Shari Weil
Robert Wolf
Cyvia Wolff

The experience of Jews in the South is such a critical part of the overall Jewish story in the United States. We are pleased to be able to play a small role in this important undertaking.
–Kenny Friedman, Houston, TX

In-Kind Supporters

Patrick Gallagher
Jewish Endowment Foundation of Louisiana
David Kushner
Mark Stein
Temple Sinai, New Orleans