Bus Stop
1959, Color Woodcut

“The poor spend a lot of time waiting. I may have seen her when I was waiting for a traffic light to change. I saw her sitting there on a bench advertising the blue and white checquered packaged “Buttercrust Bread” that was made in San Antonio, Texas where I created this work. At this bus stop she sat, her bag of groceries locked in her arms. There are times when it’s easier to keep holding something, heavy thought it may be, than to set it down beside you. You know you will have to turn and lift it hurriedly to get to your bus which is as much in a hurry to get going as it is slow in getting to the bus stop. Holding the bag in her lap saves this lady at least one turning motion, a bend and a lift, and then another turn back towards the bus and up into it; a tough little workout for an elderly woman on a hot day.”