1997, Oil on linen

Tricky business this Bulldogging. You jump and get too far out the saddle to get back on the horse, but your hands have not yet reached the horns of the bull. This series of swift and artful motions reminds me of the trapeze artist- master of precise spaces and intervals of time. It is an application of both timing and strength, between man and animal, each pursuing a different purpose. Swift riding, jumping headlong over the horns of a running bull. The rider, at full speed, moves his feet ahead of the bull, digs in his heels, and with upper body strength, wrestles the bull to the ground, dismounts, and ties its feet together. It’s a lot to do in a couple of minutes, and the horse also needs to know what it’s doing. This feat has always impressed me with a religious connotation-“the Leap of Faith”.”