The Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience provides engaging educational programming for K-12th grade students that enrich Common Core State Standards. From in person and virtual tours to programs touching on immigration, civil rights, the Holocausts and more, your students will gain new perspectives by using the experience of a people with a distinct culture and history, to demonstrate the splendor of the American tapestry. 

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Field Trips

MSJE offers on-site field trips to students in the 3rd – 12th grades. Field trips consist of a guided tour of the galleries and hands-on program that build on the Museum’s collection and encourage student reflection on their own identity.  

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Community quilt, 1885. This Victorian “crazy” quilt, made by the Jewish Ladies’ Sewing Circle in Canton, Mississippi, was likely raffled off in support of Canton’s Temple B’nai Israel. The congregation opened its doors in 1879 following set-backs from the yellow fever epidemics of the 1870s. Donated to the MSJE Permanent Collection by Isabel Wile Goldman in memory of Bertha Loeb.

Southern Jewish Leadership (6th – 12th Grade)

Learn from the experiences of southern Jewish leaders, who engaged deeply in their community to better understand yourself as a leader. 

Gallery 1: From Immigrants to Southerners Image The story of the Southern Jewish experience begins thousands of miles from American shores. Tracing the major migrations of Jews to the American South beginning in the 1700s, this gallery explores how Jewish immigrants journeyed to American ports and navigated into the interior of the South. From establishing stores to synagogues, From Immigrants to Southerners touches on themes including merchant life, social institutions, and religious practice.

Interpreting the Past: Understanding objects (5th – 9th Grade)

Learn how to look at and consider artifacts as part of the historical record. This inquiry based program encourages students to ask questions about an object in order to understand their context.

Southern Stained Glass

Both/And (9th – 12th Grade)

Students will explore their complex both/and identities through our both/and identity of southern and Jewish. Frank Aymami Photography

Strangers in a Strange Land (3rd-5th Grade)

Explore how immigrants to the United States found their way in their new home – the  struggles and triumphs of becoming American, of becoming part of the southern community. Students will explore times they felt like a stranger in a strange land and ways they welcome people to their community.

Vital Part of Community

A Vital Part of the Community (6th-8th Grade)

Explore how Jewish people were and are a vital part of their community. Students will dive into the histories of some of New Orleans vital community members to better understand their own identity.

Lesson Plans 

Standard Aligned lesson plans that draw on MSJE’s collection to lead in YOUR classroom. 

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Virtual Opportunities 

MSJE will come to you (virtually)! Click on the programs below to learn more about each virtual opportunity. 


My Southern Jewish Experience

During this program, we will explore 4 artifacts in the MSJE collection to learn more about the southern Jewish experience. Students will get a hands-on (or screen-on) interaction with each of the stories we talk about.